Micròfon Roger Select de Phonak

Phonak’s Roger Select provides excellent hearing performance in noisy and remote environments.


Ref: 3230

550,00  IVA incl.

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Phonak’s Roger Select microphone is an innovation in hearing technology.


Roger Select has multiple microphones in six directions, spanning a speech within a 360° radius. Verbal comprehension in group conversations with ambient noise is 61% better than only with hearing aids.


It is designed to be able to place it in the center of a restaurant table, in meetings, or to be carried by a single person, for example, to hear a speaker from a distance.




Up to 42% smaller


27% less average battery consumption


All RIC and BTE models are compatible with Roger


Includes a connecting dock and a micro USB input


It does not contain the license for the Marvel microphone and receivers.


Roger Select is compatible with all Roger receivers except SoundField.


Compatibility with Roger microphones:


Roger Select


Roger Select iN


Roger Table Mic II


Roger Table Mic II iN


Roger Pen


Roger Pen iN


Roger EasyPen


Roger Clip-*On Mic


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