Protectors Ear Gear amb cordó per als seus audiòfons

Protective drawstring case made of an expanded nylon mixture that protects hearing aids from dirt, sweat, moisture and loss.

Ref: 5129-R

40,00  IVA incl.

Ear Gear can radically improve your experience with hearing aid use. The soft spandex material can also make hearing aids more comfortable, protect your ears from friction, minimize the effect of wind noise, and prevent damage from clogged microphones and corroded batteries.

The Ear Gear protective cover is highly breathable. It is not only the perfect solution for babies and young children of school age who use it at recess or at home, but also for adults who use it for dirty, dusty or humid work environments or during any type of sports or outdoor activity such as running, cycling, hiking, fishing or canoeing.

It lets sound pass while protecting your hearing aids in a highly effective way.

Available in two colors: pink and blue