Filtros HF4 para audífonos

Los filtros anticerumen HF4 son una versión más pequeña a los filtros HF3. The periodic replacement of filters will entail a constant performance of their hearing aids, without oscillations or changes in their operation.

Ref: 2115

12,00  IVA incl.

Descargar: Filtros HF4 y HF3 - Audiopacks

Filtros HF4 y HF3 - Audiopacks

The HF4 anticerumen filters are suitable for Phonak brand hearing aids, Siemens, ReSound, Rexton, HANSATON, Audioservice and Specsavers. Before the purchase we recommend that you consult the model manual of the brand of your hearing aid.

Each box contains 16 filters.

Anti-cerumen hearing filters repel suciedad and earwax of hearing aids, especially the earpiece; since it is the component that in the absence of the filter can be more affected in case of an obstruction by an external agent such as the wax produced in the ears.

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