Tapones Micro-Tap para Buceo y protección de oídos

Micro-Tap plugs for pours allow us to protect the ear from the water avoiding the risks posed by traditional plugs. We can dive or perform any water activity and compensate for pressures without the tip suffering any damage.

Ref: 5127

40,00  IVA incl.

Micro-Tap plugs are specifically designed as diving plugs and any water sports practice. These diving plugs provide safety and well-being in and out of the water.

Its use is recommended for bath makers and for any sport that has contact with water, expressly for those who really have infection problems or other anomalies in the ear related to water.

The new Micro Tap plugs remove from a feather the ban on using plugs in an immersion. The ear will be able to compensate for the pressure while desciende in an immersion, either in apnea or with autonomous equipment.

The Micro-Tap diving plugs are made of silicone and carry three rings to ensure their best fastening in the ear canal, composed of an aeration valve that levels the pressure with the outside. The design is truncated (oval), so it adapts better to our external ear canal. In the water, it will continue to listen to all sounds without pressure or discomfort in the ears.

Available in three different sizes:

Small S: from 7 to 10mm

Median M: from 10 to 13mm

Grande L : from 10 to 15mm